International Topographical Map Indexes - North America non-US

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Finding AidCountrySeries # and/or TitleCall # (ANNEX is not part of call#)ScaleAuthor / PublisherBegin Date - End Date% of Country Covered# of Folders or drawersComments
PDF finding aid for CAN 1:25,000 & Series A821, A841, A851, A891Canada 3400CAN 1:25,000 & Series A821, A841, A851, A8913400s 25 .C3>50kArmy Survey Establishment, R.C.A. / Surveys & Mapping Branch1960-1962 +/-10%, also check annex1
PDF finding aid for Canada 1:50,000Canada 3400Canada 1:50,0003400s 50 .C3 ANNEX50kCanada Map Office Natural Res. Canadacheck annexcheck annex62
PDF finding aid for Canada 1:125,000Canada 3400Canada 1:125,0003400s 125 .C3125kCanada Surveys and Mapping Branch1947-1979 +/->1%1
PDF finding aid for Canada 1:250,000 & Series A501Canada 3400Canada 1:250,000 & Series A5013400s 250 .C3250kNational Topographic System1948-1973 +/-98%17
PDF finding aid for Gronland 1:250,000Greenland 3670Gronland 1:250,0003670s 250 .D4250kGeodetic Inst. Denmark1941-1907 +/-coastal areas only 100%1
PDF finding aid for Greenland 1:250,000 & Series C501Greenland 3670Greenland 1:250,000 & Series C5013670s 250 .U5250kU.S. Army Map Service1954-1968 +/-coastal areas only 100%2
PDF finding aid for Greenland 1:500,000 & Series C401Greenland 3670Greenland 1:500,000 & Series C4013670s 500 .U5500kU.S. Army Map Service1941-1944 +/-coastal areas only 100%1