Imagery Report: Flight C-5720

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Country: United States, Mexico
State(s): United States:
Baja California Norte
Counties: California:
Filed by (catalog): C-5720
Filed by  (collection): C-5720
Imagery Location: Map Room--Utility Shelves
Off-site storage--UCLA
Index type: mosaic, SmartIndex
Index scale: 1:180,000
Size: frames 9 x 9 inches
Height: 9
Width: 9
Begin date:
End date:
Scale: 1:24,000
Overlap: 60-90
Sidelap: 20-50
Directional  orientation: North-South
Altitude: 16,500
Lens focal length: 8.25 inches
Film type: Nitrate
Generation held: 1st and 2nd generation
Yuha Desert: area southwest of Salton Sea (including U.S. Naval Reservation and Yuha Desert Recreation Lands) to US/Mexico border). Imagery acquired January 2013. Nitrate negatives scanned, October 2015.
Physical Details: black and white; paper prints; negative transparencies; cut frame; vertical view;  
Copyright: Reproduction rights held by the Regents of the University of California.
Flown by: Fairchild Aerial Surveys
Contractor/requestor: Standard Oil Company
Acquired from: Whittier College
Est. frame count: 195