Imagery Report: Flight COF-1942
Partially Digital

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Country: United States
Counties: California:
Marin, Napa, Sonoma
Filed by (catalog): COF-1942
Filed by  (collection): COF-1942
Imagery Location: MIL--cut frames
Index type: mosaic
Index scale: 1:63,360
Size: frames 9 x 9 inches
Height: 9
Width: 9
Begin date:
End date:
Scale: 1:20,000
Overlap: 60%
Sidelap: 20%
Directional  orientation: North-South
Generation held: 2nd generation
Only these frame numbers held: 7A-14, 7A-15, 7A-16, 7A-17, 7A-55.
Physical Details: black and white; paper prints; cut frame; vertical view;  
Flown by: Pacific Aerial Surveys and Watson Airphotos
Contractor/requestor: U. S. Department of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service
Acquired from: UCB, Colwell Collection
Est. frame count: 5